The Best of St Barth's Awards: Shopping

Best Clothing Store (Woman): Stephane & Bernard
Stephane and Bernard win the award for the best woman's clothing shop on the island. Readers love the "personal service" and "exceptional collection."
Gustavia, 05 90 27 65 69

Honorable Mention: Sabina Zest
The locally made clothes - all the designs are created and made on St. Barths - won high marks from readers who loved the light fabrics and "whimsical designs".
St. Jean and Gustavia, 05 90 27 90 01

Best Clothing Store (Men): Laurent Effel
Known for its fantastic leather and stylish linen shirts, Laurent Effel was the top vote getter for men's clothing shops on St Barth's.
Gustavia, 05 90 27 54 02

Best Jewelry Store: Diamond Genesis
The St Barth's pendant, available exclusively at Diamond Genesis, is a real a favorite among survey participants. As a result, Diamond Genesis gets the honor of being readers' favorite jewelry store on St Barth's.
Gustavia, 05 90 27 66 94

Best Grocery Store: Match
The Match, across the street from the airport, was voted the best grocery store on St Barth's. The excellent cheese counter, the well priced wines and great selection of pates and cured meats make this the favorite place to grocery shop.
St. Jean, 05 90 27 68 16

Best Wine Shop: La Cave du Port France
The winner - La Cave du Port France - is located in Public on the road to Gustavia, and is a favorite among visitors and locals alike. Survey participants loved the selection and the personalized service.
Port of Gustavia - Public, 05 90 27 65 27

Best Cigar Chop: Le Comptoir du Cigare
The best place to purchase Cubans is Le Comptoir du Cigar which is located in Gustavia around the corner from Le Select. It is "a very comfortable place to enjoy a cigar.""Be sure to ask Patrick for his recommendations."
Gustavia, 05 90 27 50 62


Best Take Out Food: Maya's to Go
Maya's to Go, a relative newcomer to the take out food market, is owned and operated by Maya and Randy Gurley who also own the Restaurant Maya in Public. Maya's to Go is known for its varied offerings and the fact that the food is made all day long which guarantees a great selection no matter when you stop by. Readers recommend picking up lunch to go before flying home.
St. Jean, 05 90 29 83 70

Honorable Mention: La Rotisserie
La Rotisserie is also a great place to purchase a quick picnic lunch or a midday snack. The quality of the food and the prices make La Rotisserie a favorite stop and a great value.
St. Jean, 05 90 27 63 13

Best Bakery: Petite Colombe (Colombier)
Atkins diet be damned - the Petite Colombe bakery in Colombier is an absolute favorite for freshly baked bread among survey participants. If you arrive early in the morning, you will be greeted with the amazing aroma of hundreds of loaves of fresh bread being readied for delivery to many of the hotels and restaurants on the island. In addition to great bread, Petite Colombe also has a nice selection of sandwiches and salads to go.
Colombier, 095 90 27 95 27


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